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June 2020: Healing and Wholeness

silhouette, person, sitting, front, cross, sunset, human, kneeling ...This month’s resources help us to think about God’s power to HEAL; we remember how Jesus performed many healing miracles. We also think about, and pray for WHOLENESS.

These are big, sometimes challenging thoughts for Christians. If we pray for healing for the sick, why is it that people don’t always get better?

We pray that we and the people we love, as well as our lives and the world around us will be WHOLE, and yet all around us we can see that things are not perfect; there is conflict, loneliness, poverty, crime, helplessness.

All these things make us and our world feel broken; our world is a very “messy” one – and not in a fun way, like Messy Church!

One thing we can be certain of is that God wants to hear our prayers, ALWAYS! He wants us to share with Him all our thoughts and feelings. We can ask for anything in our prayers and He will always answer, even though sometimes the answer is not quite what we asked for! God wants to comfort us in our sadness, rejoice with us when we are happy, and show us how WE can be the answer to prayer.

With God’s help, may we see and give thanks for His healing and blessing. By following Jesus’s example and teaching, may we bring healing and wholeness to all around us.

May you feel God’s love today and always.


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